Gibson Custom Shop ’57 Les Paul Special Singlecut Reissue in Red Gold Sparkle, Pre-Owned

This guitar is in excellent shape with no major wear to note and comes with the hardshell case. The instrument is completely stock other than the pickups being swapped out with Lollar Soap Bar P90s. This might be one of the only factory finished Red Gold Sparkle Specials on the planet, and trust us, photos do not do it justice. From Gibson’s website,

“Legend has it that the famous “TV Yellow” color of the Les Paul Special was named for its vivid appearance on black & white televisions in the 1950s. That’s debatable. What’s not up for debate is the indelible imprint this model had on music history since its inception. The classy looks and thick, meaty tones of the Les Paul Special have been preferred by players of all genres. And this 1957 Les Paul Special Reissue from Custom Shop revives every single feature in spectacular detail for the ultimate vintage ownership experience — from the solid mahogany construction to the roaring P90s.”

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!

Weight 7lbs 6oz